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Originally posted by Nichole@Aug 20 2004, 07:05 PM
I felt like such an animal abuser! 
  I can't believe that I never saw it!  I mean it was right on his head where I always pet him and kiss him! 
LOL..we will put you on the hot seat right next to Silinski... :eek:

That could happen to any of us. Brinkley is in a puppy cut, but I notice that around the bottom/back of his ears is prone to mat. Probably because it is not a common area to brush with much attention. I try to be better. At least now you know to watch out for that spot. It will be ok. Four inches...I am going to have to go measure Brinkley to see how far you got...LOL.

I think I want to try to grow his out for winter...just to see what his hair is like...texture and stuff. But I don't know that I want to put up with it either. And it may not matter. When does their adult hair come in?

Anyway, give Tobykins kisses from me and Brinkley. He will forgive you...I promise.
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