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Update Aug 29 --> My little greasy monkey is doing good :)

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Kirby is doing very well 3 days post op. The only thing he hasn't been able to adjust to is eating his food out of his bowl with the e-collar on. The sound of the cone hitting the floor or bowl just makes him jumpy. Although scraping the cone on the ground outside or banging it into furniture doesn't bother him at all :huh:

I managed to work things out for giving him his ear ointment. I wait till night time and after he's been asleep a couple hours. I quietly get him up, wrap him in a towel, lay him on a pillow on his side, do an ear, praise, give small treat, do other ear, praise and treat. I am using a treat he never gets for anything else so it's very special.

The only thing that is driving me nutty(more nutty):blink: is I can't get the residue of the ointment out of his hair. I have tried waterless shampoo and that does nothing. I know it's not a big deal and the important thing is he is doing well and obviously the pain in his ears has diminished a lot since he let me touch them and wipe them down.

Here's a few pictures of Kirby with his Fonsie Hair Doo :w00t: My two favorite boys are in one of the pics, my son and Kirby.


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awwh look at that smile ^_^ (first pic). He seems to enjoy his chewie.

good to read his update.

Once he gets the stitches out, maybe a good bath will take care of the residue of the ointment out of his hair.

and he's an adorable little grease monkey!! :wub: I'm glad he's feeling well :)
Awww, don't worry about the grease right now. Like you said, what matters is that he's healing and feeling a lot better. Love the pic of him smiling with a chewy in his mouth and hugging your sun. It's just perfect - as if this whole surgery thing was no big deal whatsoever to him. What a good boy!!
Kathy - your little Kirby is so cute. :wub::wub: He even looks like he's sporting that collar in the last picture. And I love the one with your son. I'm so happy he's doing so much better and that you're handling things so well. Sounds like he'll be just fine. I wouldn't worry about the ointment - once he can be bathed it should help.
Awwwww he is so cute...grease and all:HistericalSmiley:
Mine used to do the same thing regarding food. She'd pick up a kibble and I guess the sound of the cone hitting the bowl would startle her so she'd jump back. To make it easier for her to eat I was just putting the kibble on a flat plastic plate, the floor and sometimes even feeding her by hand.
So glad Kirby is doing well. He's quite the cutie! I love the photo of him with your son and his chewie.
Glad your little one is on the mend!

Re: the residue ointment - don't do what I did when Harley was being treated for an ear infection (for nearly 4 weeks!!) ...... I brushed through some baby powder with cornstarch thinking this would help absorb the excess grease .... his hair ended up brushing right out at an alarming rate!!!! I don't know if it was a combination of the powder & the ointment that caused all the breakage, or if it was just the powder, but I will NEVER do that again! Poor dude is still growing back his ear hair!
Awww, he's a cutie!!

Why not take the e-collar off when he eats or if he is just curled up with you, etc. to give him a little break from it.
Awwww what a cutie. He looks really good. I hope he mends fast.
Kitzel says: "I want one of those cigars that Kirby has!":HistericalSmiley::HistericalSmiley:
Beautiful baby boy Kirby. Glad he's feeling better!!!
Awww, he's a cutie!!

Why not take the e-collar off when he eats or if he is just curled up with you, etc. to give him a little break from it.
I was thinking the same thing as Sher. A kind of reprieve from the warden.:HistericalSmiley:
I do take Kirby's e-collar off when he is just hanging with me and I can make sure he's not licking. I also take it off to put his ear oinment in and then he rubs his head all over me and then I look like a greasy monkey LOL:HistericalSmiley:

I am going to try to wash his head and the outside of his ears with wash clothes today. Say a prayer for us :amen:

His incision looks really good and healed so if I am able to get his head cleaned up enough I will probably put him in a onsie and leave the e-collar off. Thinking positive :thumbsup:
Kirby looks really cute in his pictures and I'm glad he's feeling better.
Thanks everyone!!!!

Today I thought if I just washed up Kirby's head and face he would feel better. He was very very cooperative. :thumbsup: I used a spray bottle of luke warm water to wet his head and face and put a little shampoo on and washed him up and rinsed it out. He actually enjoyed the water spray on his face.

I kept the e-collar off of him for about an hour and put the onsie on. We spent some time in the back yard (I forgot the camera:huh:) and he enjoyed having his head out of the cone and was busy outside with the leaves, twigs, acorns, etc.

Once we went back inside he was determined to bite the onsie off his little body and he started rubbing his head all over the place :unsure:

So, we are back to being Mr. Conehead.


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That little babe of yours is such a character !! He is just too adorable. I'm so glad to hear he is healing very well and that getting the ear ointment on has improved. I think when it comes to their ears they are very sensitive. My groomer told me last week that Vanilla is easy to groom but when they try to clean her ears she snaps !:w00t:
Hang in there Kirby's mommy!

It's tough when the little ones have surgery. But, they are tough little critters and it's obvious from the photos that Kirby is taking his difficulty in stride.
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