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update on B&B's ear infection

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this morning we took B&B in to have her ear rechecked, B&B's ear infection is gone, she has lost 1/2 pound in a week. we couldn't be happier. we rescheduled her surgery because she had the ear infection so the big day is Sept. 1st.
the girls dh and I wore yellow today:HistericalSmiley: we were the talk of the vets office:HistericalSmiley: dh is so good at wearing matching colors I love it.:aktion033: he could care less what people say or think about him matching the girls dresses, or pushing their stroller, I love that about him:smootch:
Matilda lost 3 ounces, that's ok, she's headed down ward:chili: we couldn't be happier with both girls and their health. Praise God.
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So glad the girls her doing wonderful!! As for your DH :aktion033::aktion033::aktion033:.
My husband will not even push the stroller, I don't get what the big
deal is with some men. I'll have to bring up the matching outfits,
and see what he says. I'll get that :wacko1: look again. Oh well I love the
big guy anyway.
Paula, I must have missed a thread or two. First of all I don't think I remember that B&B had an ear infection....:w00t:....and what is she getting an operation for????? How did I miss that?????

But i'm glad she's better anyway :thumbsup:
Paula, I must have missed a thread or two. First of all I don't think I remember that B&B had an ear infection....:w00t:....and what is she getting an operation for????? How did I miss that?????

But i'm glad she's better anyway :thumbsup:

Pat one of B&B's nipples has turned black and has grown some so the vet feels it would be best to have it removed
Paula I somehow missed this too about your little B&B!!! So glad the infection in her ears is gone and will be keeping your little one in my prayers for her surgery and quick recoup!
Paula, I'm delighted your girls had a good report at the vet! Please be sure to remind us of B&B surgery date when it comes, so we can send good thoughts her way.
Paula - what great news!! So glad the infection's gone and those girls are giving the Biggest Loser a run for their money. It must be the kick boxing.:HistericalSmiley: Love that you were all matching at the vets. They must love when you and DH come to visit. Hoping the operation will go just as well.
Sounds like ALL good news! :aktion033::aktion033: Yeah! You should post a photo of the "matching outfits" if this is not too much for DH!
Are you using green beans in their diet?
i wanna see a picture too , well i know that i math my skin boys clothes and now for fall and winter u guys will be seeing alot of matching shirts with dolce as well , i think thats too cute!!!

great that the girls got a good report !!!
I really think you need to post a picture of everyone with matching colors! Good for Matilda and B&B!
I LOVE that you all wear matching outfits! YAY for B&B and Matilda both for losing weight (I can personally attest to how hard that is hahaha). Good to hear B&B's ear infection has cleared up! A good "report card" after a vet visit really is something wonderful.
Well I totally missed all this about B&B! Gosh I'm sorry.

Sooo glad her ear is better and they are both going in the right direction on the scale. :wub:

I love it that even hubby is getting in on the color coordinating!! :aktion033: Now there is a man worth keeping Paula. :thumbsup: The fact he's ok pushing the girls in a stroller is just icing on the cake! And they say we can't have our cake and eat it too. B)
Ahhhh I am so happy all is well .. What a relief that her ear infection cleared. Bonus that she lost some weight :thumbsup:
Thank God is right, Paula. We have so much to be thankful for. Kisses to your 2 beauties. I love that about your husband. Very cool.
WOW Paula...your hubby is a REAL MAN! My hubby could learn a thing or two from him! I always tell him to be proud to flaunt B&E but he always has to act so macho. Behind closed doors though he is total mush with them LOL!

I'm so sorry I didn't know about B&B. So glad to hear her ears are better and her surgery is now scheduled. And congrats on the weight loss for her! That's all wonderful news!!!!
Glad to hear that B&B's ear infection is cleared up and that the girls are both losing weight. I agree with everyone else, you need to post pics of everyone in matching outfits. My husband doesn't mind pushing the kids in their stroller, but i'm not sure about everyone being color coordinated, i just try and make sure the fluffs are color coordinated.
:aktion033::aktion033: Great news about B&Bs ear infection all cleared up & the weight loss. I didn't know about B&Bs surgery. So sorry I missed that. Hope everything will go well for Miss B&B. Kudos to your DH for his great attitude, my DH would run for the hills if I suggested he wear matching clothes & pushed a stroller. You should get a picture so I can show my DH.
yay good news for you and your baby!

Can I borrow your hubby please just for a outing with my pup's please? Just teasing! He is a keeper!!!!!!!!!! Mine takes the bow's out of Max's hair, takes off his sweater's or shirt's unless it actually cold out. You are a lucky lady :thumbsup:
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