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***update on Chloe***

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Well yall, Chloe (our German Shepherd) has been found and she is safe!

She was found by our neighbor sleeping under his porch. He'd fed her and gave her water, and called me and told me where she was at.

Well, now she is gone again.............

But, she is in a lot better place.

She wasn't accepted in our home by our malty babies, and our little girl didn't care to much for her. My wife was a little uneasy about her because when she was 7 years old she'd been attacked by one, nearly killing her.

So, after outweighing the good v/s the negative, we decided that she needed to be back with her sisters and her mommy and daddy. The woman that sold her to us agreed to take her back and give us our money back. She hadn't even cashed the check we'd issued her 4 days ago.

She was sooo happy to be back. She even came to me without a leash and didn't run away. Unlike here at our house, she'd shake and hide, and run off whenever she could. She was loving all over me when we took her back... it was so sad, but yet a happy reunion with her family.
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I'm soo glad that shes ok!!! Sorry that things didnt turn out so well for you, but at least you know that she is happier now
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