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Hi everyone,

Harry continues to retain fluid in his abdomen. I would have brought
him up to Cornell, but the vet who treats Harry up there is off
clinic duty for 2 months, since he is in the middle of taking his
internal medicine boards. He is still able to advise me via email,
though. He sent 3 different meds for Harry, but he wants
to have an ultrasound and bloodwork done before starting the meds.
So, he told me to bring Harry to an internal medicine vet
around here who graduated from Cornell and ran some tests
for me last year when I couldn't make it up to Cornell. Of course,
that vet was on vacation until this past Wednesday :smilie_tischkante:

So Harry has an appointment this afternoon. Please think good
thoughts and say some prayers for Harry. I'll let you know how
it goes.


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Debbie, thinking of all and praying hard.
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