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Hi guys! Just thought I would give you all a quick update on my Grandma. She is doing so well! I go over to help with her laundry once a week (we don't want her to go down the basement steps), and so I was over there yesterday. She is getting back to her goofy self (which is amazing!) We went out to eat and she is driving, going 45 in a 30. I said you are gonna get a ticket, she says " I am not doing it, I am letting the car run out, I am just not hitting the break". I said yeah tell that one to the officer
. At times she is kind of quiet which wasn't like her, she is very much a talker, but it seems like it is getting better. I took her to the store the other day, and every thing she picked up she had to read the labels on and compare (we were there for at least an hour), it was really neat to see that she is able to do that now, actually hard to believe! She has come so so so far!! Then on the way home she says" it takes me a long time to shop because I read all the labels. I am watching my fat and sodium" :D Just wanted to update you all who sent out so many prayers and thoughts for her, I seriously think they helped! She doesn't remember anything about being in the ICU basically.
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