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Update on Peru & grand daughter

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My grand daughter is back in Lima Peru.:chili: She survived the Amazon and the villages. She is ready for home but she said she learned lots. They will arrive at the church tommorrow at 4 pm. We will be there waiting. She was so glad to be able to have a long hot shower and good food today.:HistericalSmiley::aktion033: Thank you my sm family for all the prayers and encouragement. You guys really helped me more than you will ever know!
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Yes!! :party: I'm glad that she's coming back unharmed!
That's awesome, glad to hear that she'll back be safe and sound. Can't wait to hear about the homecoming.
Glad her trip went well, and glad she is back.
what a experience for her, she will never look at things the same again, thank you Lord for keeping your arms around this group. I bet your so excited to hear her stories and see pictures.
She will really apprieate a nice HOT shower for sometime:HistericalSmiley:
What an amazing experience!!!! Isn't it funny how we take the simple things like showers for granted? :p
I beat she has great pictures and stories to share. This has been a wonderful experience for a young lady; one she will cherish her whole life. :)
Received a call from Lima Peru, my grand daughter. She is at the airport their flight is delayed. She cried when she talked about the conditions the people live in and the kids were so happy to see them and they cried when they left. God bless them all. She said it has changed the way she has taken things for granted. She is looking forward to going back next year. God keep the group safe as they fly back to the Good Ole USA!!!!!!!
I'm telling you I wish everyone could experience a third world country, we are so blessed in the USA
I'm telling you I wish everyone could experience a third world country, we are so blessed in the USA
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