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Update on Sophie - The Cushings is Pituitary

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I just wanted to updated everyone on Sophie and the Cushings.

She went in yesterday for an ultrasound of the abdomen and to have another acth stim test done.

The ultrasound showed bilateral enlarged adrenal glands. So the vet said we are looking at pituitary cushings disease.

Her stim test results were:

CORT 1.7
baseline cortisol

CORT <2.5
acth stim (cush selected)

So, the meds actually dropped her cortisol way too low. They changed her over to 20 mg of trilostane once a day.

I was hoping she would have lost some weight, but she actually gained a couple of ounces!!! :(

The vet said that there are two different types of cushings pituitary tumors and that the one they see in small breeds is the least damaging of the two. And, with her being on the medicine she should live a long healthy life - still need to get the weight off of her to ensure that, but they said it can take a while for the meds to have an affect on that.

We have opted not to do an MRI since they are so expensive ($2,000) and it wouldn't make any difference in the treatment plan at this point. I just need to watch for any neurological signs which the vet said shouldn't happen because she is going to be just fine as long as she is being treated.

Oh, and they shaved her almost up to her neck so she is really enjoying laying belly down on the tile floor where it's cool. :)

Please keep her in your prayers - I so worry about the weight affecting her other organs. :(


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Linda I'm so happy to hear little Sophie will live a long, healthy & happy life. If she has to have Cushings thank God it's the "better" of the two possibilities. I'd be nervous and worrying too Linda. You'll calm down in a bit after you see some progress I think. Every time I'd see a picture of Sophie or Annie I'd wonder about Sophie. I'm glad you finally have more positive info and can get on making Sophie feel better.
Hugs to Sophie, Annie and you.
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