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I walk in the park every single day with my little one and always have him on a leash...he loves bigger dogs, who am I kidding he loves everything and everybody. But I have noticed that if we are not walking up to the dog and Teddy walks by from behind or comes around a corner...the bigger dog seems to think Teddy is lunch...Someone said that they might believe our little ones are rabits or squirels. This makes perfect sense to me because Teddy is known to hop a bit.

So, I try and be very careful when approaching any animal so that the animal knows we are there and friendly.

Teddy would just be devasted if I did not take him out every day to socialize with his friends...we have met so many others who also walk everyday...and even now walk with certain people every day. He looks forward to it...and will start nagging if I don't get moving in his time frame...

Just know that at any second...he could get reeled right up into Mommy's arms which is why a harness is so much safer than a collar.

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