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Originally posted by Elegant@Oct 5 2004, 10:41 PM
Yes, that is where I usually take all of my dogs.  I got lucky and got a $30 off coupon, and another $10 off couponn in the mail. 

Mee, VCA Animal Hospital is the name of major vet hospitals around CA, maybe in other states.  They are like franchises, chains, or commercial vet hospitals...kind of like Carls Jr. or Burger King burger franchises ..  I have been to four all together, and find them a bit impersonal.  BUT, I had an emergency one time with another dog a couple of years ago, and fortunately they were a 24 hour vet hospital, so I was able to go way after hours.  Plus, I have never gone to a privately owned vet, so I really can't compare.

I like them because they have a variety of doctors to chose from, but they always seem VERY busy, rushed, and in a hurry.

Why do you ask?

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I'm in NJ, and we have one that I know of here. I took my cat there, before they became affiliated with VCA. I think their level of care went way down, and a number of the vets we really liked in the original practice, left. We now use another vet hospital. We are very fortunate to have several really good 24hr. emergency care facilities near by.
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