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Vi's new bows!

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We won the bows and bands from the raffle (thanks to a kind soul who gave us some of their tickets!). We got them yesterday, but this is the first chance I've had to get on and show you!

I couldn't get her to sit still for very long so I didn't bother trying to get her to model another! lol

This is the one she picked :)

There was a nice size bag of bands (400 I think) and about 15 bows! A couple were pairs, and they all had clips, which was cool because we don't have any that have clips! She's kept this one in ALL day! That's a FIRST!! I might be a fan of clips now! Before she was getting them out pretty easy...not this time!

Thank you to whomever gave us the tickets, and also to the person that donated the bows and bands! What beautiful hearts you guys have!

We'll take more pics and post them when we can :) (hubby's in town for this week and part of last week, so I haven't had time to get online!)
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:aktion033::chili: I love bows, Vi looks adorable:wub:
Wow - you hit the motherlode of bows. How great. :chili::chili: And it sounds like the clips are the way to go.:thumbsup:
hahaha maybe! Next time I order from Marge I'll be sure to try the clips! I got all bands from her! Maybe it was just the clips I tried. idk LOL But she STILL has it in!

We love bows too :) It's a sickness I think. They should have recovery groups for it.
thanks :) AI think so. SHe's getting used to them being in her hair again I think. I also think the high quality bands make a HUGE difference in how easy they pull out. I was just thinking about that! We used the cheap latex ones you get at any store. These are really nice and stay put!
That's a cute picture and a cute bow! What a great raffle prize! I can't get enough bows and I always get the ones with the barrettes. I think they're so much easier to get in and out. Looking forward to more pictures.
New pic! We went with mommy's choice today and tried our first double topknots...I have to practice that...not horrible for a first time LOL (and yes, her hair is uneven, long story, freak hair cut on the side of her head still growing out)

SHe's so cute :)
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Awww, too cute. Vi will be styling like it's no one's business :)
hahahaha yep! She still has them in! I took the bows out, but she left the topknots in...not that she didn't try to get them out half the day hahaha But she's getting used to it I think. And I'm getting better at putting them in! I've had her 2 years, but half of that she was in a puppy cut all over, so I'm just out of practice! lol We were just starting to grow her out when she went missing, and they gave her a terrier cut :/ So we're starting all over again!
Awwww, these are sweet shots of Vi!
She looks great with the single and double top knot! I'm sure she'll get used to it soon!

Congrats to your price, bows are wonderful, we're a bit addictive to them, LOL!

Alexandra :wub:
Lookin' very cute in your pretty, pretty bows, Vi! :wub::wub::wub:
What a pretty girl. She looks adorable in her new bow!
Thanks guys! I think she looked pretty funny with the two bows, cute, but funny! haha Kind of like a toddler with pony tails before they have too much hair! hahahaha!
She's really sweet. Good job on the topknots too.
LOL thanks maglily! I'm still learning.
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