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Visited a breeder in Florida

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I was wondering about this - I went to visit a breeder in Florida today who was recommended to me by a very well regarded (by you all) breeder...

She had one older puppy available to be placed to a pet home since she developed some irregularity with her teeth and was not able to show her anymore.

This is where my concern is - when I entered this home, there were about 6 playpens with 2-3 dogs each jumping up and down and barking. It smelled there so you know what...and although the breeder was really nice, I was just not sure ... as this was my first visit. Is that how it usually looks at breeder's home? The little girl she is looking to place had her own little crate...but the rest of the dogs were just going NUTS. Also there were 4 more little dogs outside running around barking at me and jumping up and down.

Hmmm....what do you all think? What is is supposed to look like at the breeder's premises?
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Gosh, I guess that going to a breeders house would be pretty overwhelming. I tend to like breeders who only have a couple of litters each year. That way I feel like the puppies get lots of human interaction. Does the breeder actively attend shows and show her dogs?

Someone that I met recently claims to be a maltese breeder. She invited me to her home to see her puppies. She uses a stud from a very famous line in the southeast. I was curious to see her pups and went to her home. She had lots of maltese, but they were all well cared for. In conversation it turns out that her dogs have had problems with lux. patellas and she continues to breed them. I already had one foot out the door. Then I saw a roach on a food dish and that was it for me. What is particularly upsetting to me is that there is a breeder in the southeast who will basically breed her male to anyone who can pay the stud fee. Frankly it sends chills down my spine. The breeders that I spoke with when looking for Sassy and Sadie (not this breeder) claimed to be very discriminating when it came to allowing their dog to breed with another. Maybe that isn't the case after all.

My point is that if you have an uncomfortable feeling, it might be best to back off and try someone else.
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