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Right now, I have 6 furkids at home. When someone comes over and rings the door bell, they all go crazy and start barking and jumping up and down. The sight can be overwhelming to someone who is not used to seeing more than 1 or 2 pets in a home.

I have a large exercise pen (superyard) where I keep the two puppies. Cookie, Sparkle and Waffle have a blocked off area around 15 feet by 10 feet. Nibbler is in his own excerise pen (superyard). It seems mean but the exercise pen is a good way to keep them safe when I am at work. When I come home, they all get to come out and play and they all sleep in my bedroom.

I am not going to lie .. at times ... my house does smell like urine. I have wee wee pads around the house and if I don't change them fast enough .. they start to smell.
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