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Visited a breeder in Florida

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I was wondering about this - I went to visit a breeder in Florida today who was recommended to me by a very well regarded (by you all) breeder...

She had one older puppy available to be placed to a pet home since she developed some irregularity with her teeth and was not able to show her anymore.

This is where my concern is - when I entered this home, there were about 6 playpens with 2-3 dogs each jumping up and down and barking. It smelled there so you know what...and although the breeder was really nice, I was just not sure ... as this was my first visit. Is that how it usually looks at breeder's home? The little girl she is looking to place had her own little crate...but the rest of the dogs were just going NUTS. Also there were 4 more little dogs outside running around barking at me and jumping up and down.

Hmmm....what do you all think? What is is supposed to look like at the breeder's premises?
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You know, one of the things I liked best about my breeder was that her home had a definite "doggie" smell to it, but her dogs were all bathed, free of fleas and very happy to see us. To me that said that the animals were indeed kept in her house and not in a separate building. Hers were crated while we were there but able to roam free when no visitors were present. I could tell this when I would phone...I would always hear little noises and barks that sounded very close and she would often interrupt our coversation to speak to her dogs...things like get out of the pantry or stop playing with the laundry. I never heard whimpering, crying or yelping. Personally, I don't think that I would ever own that many dogs at one time, but if I did, I would be certain that my house would have the same "doggie" smell to it.
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Susan, the roach would have sent me flying. And this is from the woman who had a sewer rat in her basement! I had the professional cleanup crew here twice. FYI, want to know what they use to disinfect and sanatize all surfaces? First they use a bleach solution, then they use an isopropyl alcohol solution, and then they finish everthing off with a ultra high temp steam cleaner.
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