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Visited a breeder in Florida

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I was wondering about this - I went to visit a breeder in Florida today who was recommended to me by a very well regarded (by you all) breeder...

She had one older puppy available to be placed to a pet home since she developed some irregularity with her teeth and was not able to show her anymore.

This is where my concern is - when I entered this home, there were about 6 playpens with 2-3 dogs each jumping up and down and barking. It smelled there so you know what...and although the breeder was really nice, I was just not sure ... as this was my first visit. Is that how it usually looks at breeder's home? The little girl she is looking to place had her own little crate...but the rest of the dogs were just going NUTS. Also there were 4 more little dogs outside running around barking at me and jumping up and down.

Hmmm....what do you all think? What is is supposed to look like at the breeder's premises?
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I have Tons of experience with working with breeders.

Here are my ?'s the dogs that were in play pens were they adults. Prehaps they where preg moms. If they were expecting moms I have a few concerns that.

It isnt easy keeping a house/kennel with lots of dogs clean and smelling good. I do it almost everyday it is possible. You need to have a good routine and stay on top of the cleaning. There is no excuss for it to smell of waste that isnt a good sign.

Were the dogs or cages dirty? How did the health of the pup you looked at and others look? did you get a complete tour of all of the areas they keep their dogs? Did they show you the parents? I can better direct you if I know a little more

Originally posted by Pushkin@Oct 11 2005, 09:28 PM
It did feel a bit crowded, but you are right, I guess that is normal at breeder's. There were 2 puppy boys in one p.pen, then 3 adults in another, then 3 adults in one more, then there was the puppy I was looking at in her own crate (she was very loving and kissing...sweet girl), on the other side of the room were 2 more playpens with more adults.

I asked who the parents were, and the lady said they are on her website. She also showed me a magazine where she was featured with her accomplishments. I suppose I don't want to be unfair and have too high of expectations for what I would like that place to look like. But it was a bit disorganized and it did have a very distinct urine smell...gosh, this is so tough!
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were the pens clean? were the dogs clean? she didnt show you the parents in person. I agree with the above post that to the average person walking into a dog breeders home can be very overwhelming . The normal person feels wierd in a home of 20 plus pets.
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