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I'm planning to come down to Naples in june,16-24,maybe we can do an impromptu meet up. I rented one of the Coquina Sands Cottages,near 3rd sreet. Wouldn't a meet up,maybe at Bonita Beach Dog beach be fun,or we can meet up at the cottage and walk the shops of 3rd street. I can just see a mob of dust mops parading down 3 street ,noshing at one of the outdoor cafes....

I tried to get a beach house rental right on Bonita Beach,1 mile from the Dog Beach but missed locking ti in by 2 days.....

I'm coming down to see a friend graduate college,June 19th,she was featured a few months ago in a documentary on abused women. She overcame all that and now she's graduating so I figure I can travel 1300 miles to see her graduate.

I plan to bring at least one of my adoptees,hopefully both. If I can schlep them on the plane by myself....
I also want to bring them for their first owner to see too. She lives in Bonita Springs now.

Discuss amongst yourselves........
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