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Visiting our favourite italian restaurant!

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Yesterday evening we went to our favourite italian restaurant 'Al Ponte'!
Mommy and Daddy and of course me have spent a nice evening. The pasta was delicious, as ever.

I really love to lay on Mommy's lap after eating and cuddle with her!

Hope you'll like the photo! :wub:


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Such a sweet photo!!
Thanks so much, Andrea! Hope you and sweet Bisou are doing fine!!!
Alexa, what a precious picture of you both looking into one anothers eyes. :wub:I'm glad you and dh and your baby had a wonderful evening.
So cute! you are lucky to be able to bring him with you.
what a very sweet pic!! :wub:i love taking Pearlan to restaurants too!!:thmbup:
Are there really restaurants that allow dogs? I am amazed!
Such a sweet and beautiful glad everyone had a good time!!!:chili:
That's an adorable picture of you two together.
What a precious picture. Here in Vancouver there are quite a few restaurants with outside patios and a lot let you have the dogs there. Lola was with us yesterday as we ate a a fab. French restaurant on the waterfront for lunch. It is fun :) she breaks the ice and we make new friends when she is with us.
Both Ullana and her Mommy are gorgeous!! :wub::wub:

Alexandra, you are so lucky to be able to take Ullana to dinner with you and your husband!
What a sweet photo. I love how her bow matches your shirt :)
What a perfect evening! A delicious Italian meal at a great restaurant WITH your beautiful Alexa. I wish restaurants here in the US would allow dogs inside. I have to content myself to those with outside seating during the warmer months.
ALexandra I love seeing pics of you and Ullana. I can always see how much you 2 love each other. It's heartwarming!
such lovely scene of you two :wub:
beautiful pic , and awesome that u were able to spend time with both r fluff n ur hubby
That's a precious picture! I'll bet Ullana enjoyed the evening out with mom and dad.
1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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