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Here's the Question .Does anyone give their babies vitamins?
I'm a little concerned about Summer, I feed her Ivonna(?spell) and cottage cheese with chopped up chicken, lamb or turkey. The problem is she loves the meat and cottage cheese but she doesn't always eat the kibbles.Is she getting enough nutrition?
Now when she goes out she will eat Christy kibbles (same as hers) and they're dry.. Munches away
I put dry in the kitchen and she looks, sniffs, walks away
the little rat.
She also get snacks during the day cheeros, and Natural choice treats etc....I was feeding her 2 x's a day now I leave a little dry kibbles out ( she doesn't seem to touch them though
I just want to make sure she's getting enough nutrition. She weights around 4 1/2 lbs Her weight has stayed pretty much the same for about 2 mos. She will be 1 on Dec. 2nd
Any advise would be great
PS Keep in mine if I put any kind of meat out she gobbles it up
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I feed the girls dry kibble for breakfast and then a home cooked meal for supper. When I make the home cooked meals it calls for a vitamin. I use Pet Tabs. KV Vet has them the cheapest, plus they have free shipping.
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