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vomiting and almonds =(

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OMG HELP! Twinkle ate 4 yogurt snacks that had full almonds inside...i thought she might be okay..but 2 days later she vomited 3 times..on the last time..she vomited a full almond!! She has been acting ok..but not entirely herself..she is obviously not feeling the it okay for dogs to eat almonds? thank god she did not choke on them when she ate them! She has been pooping but she didnt poop out any almonds. I am wondering what happend to the other 3 almonds she ate..i am not even sure if she chewed them up..If she starts to get really sick i am going to take her to the vet but she seems fine..just a little gloomy.

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no experience with almonds and malts eating it here, so really don't know except to say if she is acting like herself, she is ok.

If she isn't feeling like herself, let a vet check on her. I think she will be fine. Give her my kisses.

I have given my sugar walnuts before as i was eating some for a snack and it never has hurt her? hummm never thoght about nuts hurting an animal. I guess it could have something in it that they shouldn't have. Keep us posted.
I give Chloe some bits of almonds when I eat them (unsalted) and never had a problem...hoping Twinkle feels better.
Nuts are not a problem in small amounts, but they contain anti-nutrients that make them hard to digest, especially if not chewed. I usually soak almonds in salt water overnight before eating them.
I have had an incident with my malt swallowing a huge chocolate covered almond. It fell on the floor and she quickly had it in her mouth before I could bend down to get it. 48 hours later she vomitted the almond in whole without the chocolate around it. I know chocolate is very bad for malts but I am glad she was okay after that. She was fine after that.
Your malt may still vomit the other remaining 2 almonds if she did not chew it but I do not think you need to take her to the vet.
Lola eats almonds nearly every day without any problems. She does crunch them up though. Maybe your Twinkle has problems digesting them though, especially whole.
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