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Originally posted by IamMomtoMissy@Jul 9 2005, 08:20 PM
Sorry just coming in on this.. caught my eye immediately due to Missy's situation.

Yes Missy's particular cancer, transitional cell carcinoma or TCC  is linked to pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. It was upon my early research at her dx one of the less common of the canine cancers making up about 1-2% of these canine cancers.
Interestingly, in later researching, there was stated that the 1-2% has risen by 200%!!!! in the last 10 years... Some research is being done as to the "why the increase".. what is new/different approach".. and one suspicion is the topical preventives we use for our pets for fleas and ticks... and possible the heartworm prevenatives. basically these are "pesticides".
I had read the very early documentated cases were practically all mid-west .. ( agriculture region)or farm areas of other parts of the country.... then little by little the cases were spreading/increasing to the more urban and suburban areas.. and that is sort of the basis for the very early research leading to the confirmation of the pesticides as the culprit.
I think it will be a long long time before they can narrow the factors to get a conclusive answer... It may be the use of these in a dog with another particular problem.. say like Missy with diabetes.. compromised immune system.. gave the cancer an "opening" to take off.
I have stopped the topicals and only use natural products I get from health food store .. mainly for ticks but seems to ward off the mosquitos and well fleas have never been a problem to Missy so hard to  tell. I and vet did feel she should have the heartgard ( one of those weigh the risk decisions)
There are more research clinics now investigating the use of Piroxicam (NSAID) for her type cancer... as well as others to see iof they work the same way as piroxicam. there , to my knowledge , has not been a difinitive answer to the "why" it works just that it does. ( It's anti-tumor properties came upon by accident. )Piroxicam, being an anti-inflamatory was orininally developed as a "safer" NSAID drug for animals..than a human counterpart.. mainly for use for Arthritis. Though it still has its side affect issues... but apparently not quite as bad as human forms.
the latest I have found is they think Piroxicam "fights" cancer ( TCC anyway.. that's the only cancer I have focused for its use.. may be others as well). The tumor "thrives" y creating its own blood supply.. this new and 'select" blood supply is the tumors 'life-line" so to speak. NSAID shuts off lifeline.. tumor is slowed and in some cases actually shrinks.
Now the fly in the ointment is it doesn't always happen. It also can take a few months before it works to any significant. maybe ... due to the fact this is a tumor that is usually NOT! caught very early.. and in fact usually has not only grown significantly but often already spread. It may be with these dogs in the research "statistics".. where the Piroxicam didn't work.. might just be it was too large to kill off.. the blood supply already well established. the tumor is usually in the trigone area ( bladder openings). I think in cases caught late the tumor just shuts off the water works.. and the dog stops being able to pee.. so they have to be PTS. The trigone area is not a great area to surgically remove tumor and safty margins which HAVE to be done to really make the operation worthwhile.  Luckily Missy's tumor was at the Apex of the bladder ( away from openings) which allowed a section of her bladder to be removed with some margins. Missy's was also detected early.. had not yet penetrated the bladder wall.
I cannot stress loudly enough.. TCC is nasty, sneaky, and aggressive.. it is sneaky because it mimics a "normal" UTI and/or stones.
Infection often accompanies TCC.. that too makes it "sneaky.. the antibiotic is given.. infection clears.. everyone thinks all is well.. meanwhile the "beast' continues to grow in the background! and by the time it manifests symptoms of real trouble.. it is too late!
Sonogram at the moment has to be done ..and early the primary means of detecting early .
Just as added info. the "average" prognosis.. 90-130 days!!! .. a "good" 280 days. a "few made it a year within that a few a year plus.
Missy will be 1 year 9 months in a bit over a wek from now and the cancer still is not causing her distress.
Actually of all her litany of problems.. it is her back which is our concern.
Terry and Missy
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I was glad to hear you say that the 'flea repellents' we use on our babies are basically 'pesticides'. I was told that a long time ago.
We only use 'advantage' on Sassi from March to September, but I'm sure even that short of time can cause her to become ill.
I have notice that she has developed quite a few 'black spots' on her back in the past couple of years...and I don't think they are 'age spots' !
I honestly think there is an association with cancer in dogs and pesticides, and all the other 'cides.
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