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Originally posted by Pico's Parent@Jul 20 2005, 10:26 AM
Well, I'm not convinced about the flea remedy.  Used to be we used flea collars in conjunction with flea powders and sprays on bedding, carpet, etc.  or bombarded the house with insecticide "bombs".  Then we sprayed outdoors with flea killing chemicals.  So how are the new once a month products, which are more effective in my experience, more dangerous than the former products?  I just don't know the answer but I have to question the difference.

I still prefer any natural remedy that works over man-made chemical pesticides.
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Thank you for the information. It 's great.

Here is mississauga , Ontario they no longer use chemicals for killing the weeds on our grass it was band last year. They are only allowed to use it for Business and gulf courses. In our back yard I do companion planting to get rid of certain bugs and use smashed shells to get rid of snails and slug in the garden... I smash them with a hammer and then mix them in the soil then cover over with mulch. I have not seen another snail in the yard for two years.
, for Earwigs I use organic power soil in home depo..... it only works so long as it does not rain....
I plant garlic near my roses for aphid. This year I harvest the garlic and my roses are blooming as well. So next year I will plant more.
And to keep the puppies out of my little garden there is a smelling plant called dog be gone... and it smells like skunk. Chester never goes on that side of the garden. Also you can use Hyshop.. it pretty but smells the same.

I believe natural is the best way to go if you can.

Here is a link for companion planting
companion planting
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