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Wallowing on Food

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Hi Guys,
I was just wondering if anybody knows what it means when dogs roll on top of their food and treats? I just gave Ella her first baby carrot and she has been rolling around wallowing on top of it for about 30 minutes now. Does that mean she likes it or hates it? She did this everytime I used to feed her solid gold but never for so long.... Just curious what it means in dog language lol. Well, now she's started shredding the carrot and leaving bits all over the carpet instead of eatting it.....:blink:
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Sorry if this is mis-posted! Not sure if this should have gone under food or behavior...
London does this with any new treat/food/bone I introduce to her. She only does it for about 2-5 minutes, though, before eating it. lol I think it's their way of covering themselves in the scent.
Tyler does the same thing. Not for as long as Ella but he'll often do his herding thing first...pushing a new food/treat around with his nose into a perfect spot (I guess). Then sometimes he'll start to roll over it with sort of a side of the head glancing dive. I'm always worried the food will end up IN his ear.:w00t: Then he decides if he wants it or not. Love to know doggie reasoning for that (and about a million other things :HistericalSmiley:)
I have this same Tweet does this with new treats...

my friend wants to know what this is too, cuz her little pup does this with a piece of her poop...her pup doesn't eat the poop but does this 'wallowing'...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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