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Today I went to my Walmart and IT WAS THERE!!! I bought a blue one for Jack.... brought it home...

and he's terrified of it!

He barks at it like crazy, and then runs toward it, and then FAST AWAY!! ....

I put doggy bacon in there so now he's a bit more into it... but I just thought it was so silly, that I wanted it so bad, and now Jacky is scared of it!! (I have a picture, it's Black and white becuase I was messing about with the camera, but you get the idea ....

Scaredy dog.

Anyway... for anyone who wants to look for it. The tag says:


Great Shelter for your best friend.

$12.88 Washable Pet House
Marketed by Wal-Mart Stores

So I assume it's a Walmart thing -- but they are also called "European Pet House" online, the foam-collapsible ones I mean, so try searching that!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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