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This isn't easy. Lola was pee pad trained when we got her from Tammy, but Tammy those washable pads, so Lola considered rugs, etc, on the floor as a pee pad. :-( Coco is outdoor trained, so we tried that with Lola. She is so scared of her own shadow (and everything else), we decided to go back to pads. Not only that, but our oriental rugs were fair game to her, as they are cloth and on the floor. I just think those washable pads are not worth anything except being washable. Anyway, back to my story... LOL! So, we've been back at our condo in Florida for a month, and I've just not taken Lola out. She's usually using the pads, but her poop lands nearly anywhere. It is usually in the room where the pads are, but not ON the pads. She was too young to know about going to the door, and I expect confused by where she is supposed to go. I'm just feeling lucky that she is going poop near the pads. We have hardwood floors here, so it's not so bad. Anyway, I guess my point is that it is hard to retrain once they've been trained otherwise. I tried that scented stuff to get her to go, but, good grief, it was the worst smell in the world. The smell was so awful that I threw it away. At this point, I have no idea what Lola is thinking. As I said, at least the pee is mostly in the right place. Good thing Lola is a sweet dog. She might be living elsewhere if she weren't. :blink: Good luck. I don't think this is an easy thing.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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