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I think that Marj did this so you might want to pm her.
Yes, I was also going to suggest PMing Marj -- she said Lady caught on so fast to indoor training!
You are right. My "Forest Gump" Lady caught on to indoor training in about two days. She had no choice after I had my car accident because I couldn't take her outside for walks.

She would always go the the back door and bark when she had to go out so that helped a lot. I put the pads there and would circle my Seabreeze pen around her until she pottied. I did the same thing after meals, when she got up from a nap, etc. She would bark and scratch at the door to go out until the poor thing just couldn't hold it anymore. As soon as she pottied, I did the happy dance (well, as much as I could with all those broken bones!). I gave her a treat immediately and praised her with "good potty". Lady is very food motivated so she caught on very quickly.

I also scented her pads with her own urine. Each time I changed the pad, I blotted a bit of the urine up with the new pad. That helped, too.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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