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You can start by using some "potty scent" sprays, they sell them in the puppy sections of pet stores... they have pheramones that make the dogs want to releive themselves in that spot. Or, you could go the old faxhioned route. Try to get a sample of your dogs urine and pour it on the pad along with a piece of their feces. Also, to make it easier on the dogs, place the pad away from their food/water and bed area. Dogs naturally dont like soiling their sleepy spots and food places. If you catch them having an accident, nothing too harsh, just a firm NO amd place them on the pad. If you dont catch them in the act, it never happened. And when you catch them on the pad doing their stuff, LOTS of good praise and treats :D Hope that helped a little. Good luck to you!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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