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My dad used to work for a pesticide company and he said one night he walked into one of the storage rooms and there sat a cat, so he was going to go grab it and take it outside. He said the closer he got to it, the more he realized it wasn't a cat, but a rat! Apparently, the rat had been eating the pesticides and had grown (due to the ingredients in the pesticide) to an abnormal size! He said he just left the "kitty" alone!

On a side note, isn't that scary to think he ingest those pesticides? :new_Eyecrazy:

Prior to moving into our house, we were doing some renovations. Well, the house had sat vacant for seven years so obviously there were some mice in the house. Well, me being me, didn't want to kill the mice with traps, so I made my husband (fiance at the time) go buy some humane traps. He set them and forgot to tell me. Over a week later he remembered and went and got the traps. He said it was so vile that he wouldn't let me see it. It even made him sick. So after that, we decided that an instant death had to be better than starving and agonizing over it. I still feel bad about it to this day.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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