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My dalmatian broke his "toe" in April. It was up his leg almost to the joint but still considered a toe.

First, they will x-ray. My vet then spoke with a specialist to make sure that it would heal correctly without surgury. He ended up in the split for 6 weeks and on pain meds for the first few days. The bandages on the split had to be changed once a week. Then at 6 weeks they x-ray again to see if it needs another two weeks or not.

I think surgury all depends on what kinds of break it is and where it is located.

If you haven't seen your vet yet, I highly recommend that you go asap. Tanner's did not even swell until the second day. My husband insisted that it wasn't broke but I took him anyway and it was definitely broke.

Good luck.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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