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Hey all,

I was just giving our girls a bath and with one of them I poured some water over her head with a cup to rinse the shampoo off her face and right after I did I realized her ear was flipped back and open... so I'm afraid I might have got water in there, she's scratching at it a bit right now...

what should I do?????

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I have a solution my vet gave me and I put it in Tiki's ears after every bath. I did find some information on a web sit that may be helpful:

Any time your dog is bathed or enters the water, an ear cleaning solution should be administered immediately afterward. This preventative is similar to what humans do to ward off "swimmer's ear."
Dogs without a history of ear problems may be treated with an ear cleanser after bathing.

It is not wise to use cotton tip applicators in the ear canal. This can be quite painful to the dog.
Also, I don't recommend using alcohol in a dog's ear. Alcohol will dry the ear, but if there is inflammation or small scratches in the canal, the alcohol will burn and cause tremendous pain and further inflammation. If you must use a product from the shelf at home, use white vinegar diluted 50:50 with water.[/B]
This is from a good article on ear care on:Ear Car

Hope this helps!

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