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<span style="font-family:Comic Sans Ms"></span>Well..."whew" we are home!!!!!
I can't even begin to tell you what the last few days have been like!!!!
First of all, we got through Thanksgiving with the family

The thought of getting to go to Charlotte's and get my new baby pulled me through!

Saturday morning we took off to her house...(she lives in the middle of "Nowhere Oklahoma"!!!)
Her house was alive with the glorious sounds of fluff butts...LOTS of fluffbutts!!!!
I was in pure heaven!!! She had fluff kidz EVERYWHERE! (and tiny pups in every corner!)
Brinkley was so overwhelmed I don't think he really knew what to do. I was very pleased with his manners. He didn't snark until one snarked at him. I was proud of my baby. My skin kids did very well too...they were threatened with their lives before we got there...but they acted GREAT and were very gentle and sweet with all the dogs.
Hubby and kids picked Neyland out from the two pups. One came right to them and was real sweet and lovey, the other one kept hiding under the bed. We definetely did not need a shy pup. We needed one that would give Brink a run for his money...and we sure got him!
I did make it out of Charlotte's with only one pup, although my kids made her lots of offers. I think they even offered her fifty cents for her Sugar girl. She was a sweety...
I know Charlotte got tired of me asking "Which one is this?"
If I had another hour or so there, I probably could have been able to tell them all apart...but that was a LOT of fluffy white faces!
Anyway...hubby finally drug me out of there. She had another couple coming to get the second pup, so we wanted to be gone before they got there anyway.

So, down the road we went, and Neyland instantly threw up about 10 minutes down the road.
We cleaned it up and gave him some Nutrical and he was fine....but Brink was NOT amused. He would absolutely NOT let the pup touch him. He was particularly mad at me and gave me lots of "looks" and finally made his way to the back of the van to pout in his crate.
Hubby and the kids and I traded off with Neyland for the next six hours back into Arkansas so Brinkley would not feel so "betrayed" by momma...

FINALLY...we got back to the hotel and settled in...
The fun began!!!

This little pup has a LOT of spunk and he was not backind down to Brink!

They made a race track through the hotel room and had a blast playing chase when the kids would get out of Neyland's face!
Brink had fun, even though he wouldn't admit it.
Neyland slept in the crate while Brink slept with us. I got up several times to take him to the potty pad. He did very well for such a young tot.
Today in the car was somewhat better...and since being home it has been "so-so" between the two of them.
I think Brinkley will adjust and be just fine when he realizes the little snow ball is not going anywhere.

Ok, so I KNOW you all want some pictures...I had to weed through A LOT of them...and I have more that have some of Charlotte's fluffs on them. I will add them in the post she started...
I will have to add these in a few be patient...more are coming...

A few more...
One of Brinkley and a few when we got home and Neyland had to get in his play pen while we unloaded...


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Traci, you must be over the moon. Neyland is so adorable and Brinkley looks like he's doing OK, too! I'm so glad that the weekend was OK and that you enjoyed the time at Charlotte's. I had to chuckle about Neyland throwing up 10 minutes down the road. I trust that was the only puking incident!? Are you going to keep Neyland in an x-pen or crate while you are all at work and school? Does Brink have the run of the house?[/B]

Thank goodness that was the only puking incident...
With six hours looming ahead of us that day and 6 more the next...that was not a good first sign.
But it must have just been some adjustment to the car and nerves. He was fine after that.

Neyland will stay in a play pen (made by Kallie/Katcher's mom's directions!

Brink has run of the front of the house...
Neyland is a good whiner/crier....
None of us can stand to hear him cry...
He will be just as spoiled as Brink unfortunately. :D

Anyway, I sure don't trust Brink with him yet, and I am not real sure about the for a bit he may go in the closed up crate (for lab sized dog) while we are gone, and the play pen when we are home. He is so tiny...I just want to make sure all is well while I am at work. I hate leaving him as it is. When I brought Brinkley home is was summer, so I had several weeks with him to help him adjust and make sure he was ok. Luckily I am just a few blocks away, so I can zip home on my lunch or plan time.

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Traci< I am happy for you. He is sooo cute, how old is he and how much does he weigh? What does your husband think of him?[/B]

He is just shy of 12 weeks...but you would think he is 6 months! He is a smart little thing!!!!

Charlotte said the momma weaned them really early, so he was more than ready to leave the nest.

Charlotte weighed them just before I came last week and they were both right around 2.5 pounds.
He is SO tiny compared to monster Brinkley weighing in at 9+ pounds!
The kids keep saying how Brinkley has grown this weekend, and it is just that he seems so much bigger in comparison to Neyland who is soooooo tiny.

Hubby adores him. We all feel a little sorry for Brink, so we are trying to make extra efforts towards him, although it is hard with a needy, tiny, little bundle of love. Neyland gets passed around from lap to lap a lot so we make sure Brink gets attention, especially from me. But he is gonna have to get used to it sooner or later b/c I will the primary care giver of both of them....
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