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We have a birthday girl!

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I've not told her yet that today is the day, but I needed to tell someone. :HistericalSmiley:


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happy birthday sweetheart!!:wub:
Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!
Woww!!!!!! Lola!!!! :wub::wub::wub: Your mama posted your picture!! You look precious!!!!

And it's your first birfday!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOLA!!! Where did the time go???

:cheer::celebrate - firewor:cheer::celebrate - firewor:cheer:
:cheer::celebrate - firewor:cheer::celebrate - firewor:cheer:
ooohhh! Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. You're looking as fabulous as ever. I hope your mommy also surprises you with a grand party!!
Happy Birthday Beautiful girl :wub: Maryanne, I just love her :wub::wub::wub:
Happy Birthday...Lola!!! This is Lola....right? :blush:

And if I'm not positive it's because someone doesn't post enough pictures....:whistle:

:happy dance: Hope you and your sister have a wonderful day!!!! Make sure mommy sings to you too!!!! :thumbsup:
:party::celebrate - firewor:happy:happy birthday baby girl !!! its ur bday !!!!
Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthdayyyyyyy!!!!! Hope you get tons of yummy treats and wet kisses!!!!!!
Oh, yes, it is Lola, and it is her first birthday. I've said this before, I'm not much of a photographer.

Thank you all for your good wishes. I'll give her a hug from all her aunties.

Happy Birthday you gorgeous girl. Have a wonderful day!
Happy First Birthday!
Lola, you are such a sweetheart!!!
Hey there!


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happy birthday pretty face! hope you'll get extra spoiled today :D
She looks ready to paaaawwwwtaaaaayyyyy!!!!

Happy Birthday, pretty precious girl!!!!
Happy 1st Birthday to beautiful Lola girl!!!! I'm so happy to see a new pic of her. She looks birthday beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy 1st Birthday beautiful Lola :dothewave:
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