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We need everyones help again

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My friend Jeff is trying to get this puppy home from Iraq. I just
wanted to
spread the word for now and ask that you spread the word for any
donations to get this poor puppy to the states. They are euthanizing
all of
the dogs over there. I have attached a picture of this adorable puppy



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I don't know, it was a non-hostile death which in some ways is even
He can't tell me anything. He is hanging in there as best he can, he
wants to come home. He is also trying very hard to get a puppy he
home, I am attaching a picture. They are euthanizing all the dogs over
there and he just can't leave her. I may try and email people to raise
money to get her home, because the cost to get her home can be like
So once i find out if he can get her back, I may send you an email and
those generous folks at your office would want to donate.

So we may be the proud parents of a very big iraqi puppy!

I dont know who the person is that emailed a friend of mine so i posted the whole email i will try and get the picture posted online
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i just posted the military guy and the puppy on the guest members site
I couldn't find the photo there something in particular we should be looking for? Can you link to the photo's url?
Originally posted by Joe@Dec 29 2004, 08:46 PM

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Thanks Joe for posting that
i dont know this person i was just emailed from a friend of mine who i guess knows these people she asked that i pass this along
while i can undestand this marine wanting to take his puppy home with him, i have trouble justifying raising 3000$ for that purpose when an endless number of suffering children are in dire need of everything in irak in order to survive.
the order of priorities seems a bit irrational, if not selfish.
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