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If your puppy is healthy and active, no need to 'freak out'... if you've read the board, the dogs end up all different sizes. Depending on where you bought your maltese, will be a better indicator of size (ie, from a breeder who is known [therefore you see the general sizes of the dogs in their breeding program], you will have a better idea of what the full grown size will be...if yours was bought from another source, you will be less likely to know because even if you saw the parents, you don't know how large the dogs who they were bred from were, etc...therefore, it is more of a mystery card ;)) Hope that makes sense. Just ENJOY your new little one and don't worry about stuff :) (and let your vet guide you as far as your pup's health [have Never heard of an obese puppy - they are way too active for that])
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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