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Thanks again Lady's mom - so much to learn....
My lab was like that - he'd eat like there was no tomorrow if he'd have a say in it so we had to keep it controlled - but until he was about 11 he was also very active so eating more was OKish up until that point.
When is their puppyhood officially over?
I have heard that puppyhood is over at a year,
but for a Maltese...They seem to have an eternal puppyhood! Lol.

I have had Maltese family members of varying sizes but they all seemed to take up the same ammount of room (in my heart!)

I found the growth chart & pics interesting, but you probably shouldn't expect your pup to follow that chart
as he is not one of their pups.
He is an individual, and lucky you, you've got him! :wub:
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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