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Thank you all for the warm welcome! Such a big difference than the other place where I would have to read and re-read every post that I would add and then imagine, prior to posting, all the scrutiny and weird remarks I would get, if I would even get responses.

I made my last post on that site this morning, after agonizing over it before sending for a good 15 minutes. I finally had to respond to a poster whose story about her JS foster made me sob and she said something about hate that was so inspirational, I finally HAD to respond in kind. Response was more provoked actually by another angry poster who denounced this poor woman's feeling about hatred. It made me so mad, I just finally had to say something nice to counter the other poster's remark.

The way some of the other long time posters made me feel like the site was theirs exclusively and that if my opinion differed from theirs, I obviously wasn't as good as they were really forced me to look elsewhere. What's really funny is that some of the long time posters there also post at another site and their posts on that site seem as if they are from completely different people.

Now....the good stuff: let me tell you all about I simply call him 'Rocco. Much easier and makes more sense to other people when I'm explaining to them that he is a 4 year old rescue, who, when I brought him home last year, had already been in 3 other homes. We don't know too much about him except what we have figured out on our own -- that he was definitely in a home (at least one of them) with domestic violence, and that his last home had given him up because he was deemed "too aggressive". If you take one look at his picture (taken at his grandma's house, who calls him her little angel), I can tell you that the state he is in is a normal state now for 'Rocco. One last detail (I won't bore you with more details of his story) is that I named him Morocco because that is where my fiance's deceased father was originally from and I loved the exotic sound of it as a name. He is definitely NOT named for the chef.
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