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Wellness Adult

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Delilah has been on Nutra Ultra Puppy since I have had her. So last week I bought her a bag of Wellness small breed adult Super five mix. It looks to have all the same stuff in it that the Ultra had, as far as protein, fruit and veggies. I also like the fact that the kibble is very tiny, which she likes.

My question is, is it ok to go ahead and put her on adult food (she's 7 months now) The lady at Jae-Mars, said I should put her on adult food. Since it has more vitamins, minerals, etc. better for her.

Anyone else using Wellness? Are there coupons for Wellness?
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I use wellness for Bailey and she has done great on it. As for coupons sorry cant help you there.. By the way your baby is so cute:)
Maci is on the Wellness Small Breed Super5Mix too...You can go to Wellness - The Wellness Pet Community - Register and sign up and each month they send out the newsletter and there is a 3$ off coupon that you can print out.
I dont get any junkmail from them just once a month the newsletter.Hope this helps!
My girls eat the super5 mix small breed, as well.

It's probably ok to start your little beauty on it, not sure.
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