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Jaimie they are great pictures, I also love the butt sniffing train, too funny

Puddles really don't like being around other dogs also. I don't know if he's scared or what. Were in a camping club and there are 2 other dogs. Puddles snapped at one, so we don't let them together any more. Would be so upset if he hurt another dog.

Most of the time, he will bark and sniff. But once they get close to him he will snapp at them or try to climb my leg.

Puddles Mom the only way you may cure Puddle's problem with other dogs perhaps is to continue socializing him on walks etc. That way he could become less afraid of others. I think he might be snapping out of fear more than anything, have you tried taking him to puppy classes where he can learn to be with others? Scooby has many little friends in our block and when we go for a walk he loves nothing more than to spend some time with each of them if they are out, and he knows where they live too because if they are not there he will stand in front of their house and whine in disappointment, so funny

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I agree that he is probably snapping out of fear. He's saying, "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!"
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