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Were Back

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Whoa it has been a minute! Dusty is doing great and so happy. :wub: He fully recovered from the attack. After that attack about 1 week laters it was Ryan's first birthday and we went to say at a resort.....Dusty stayed with my MIL....when we returned home....we were met up by my neighbor and THOSE dogs killed her chihuahua. I was very sad and disturbed and called the city and yelled in the mayor's ear until her removed the dogs from our neighbor hood. Not only were our dogs in danger but also our children in the neighbor hood.

Ryan is 1 and OMG he is a hand full and a half!:smpullhair: LOL!

and I would like to announce also that I am pregnant!!!:w00t: LOL! AGAIN! Send pink dust my way please!!! LOL!:thumbsup:
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Congrats Daisy! I'm thinking pink for sure. BTW, what's in that Puerto Rican water??? :HistericalSmiley:

Happy to hear Dusty is healed.
Welcome back, Daisy! I can't believe that Ryan is already a year and a half! That's the same age as my grandson and he wears me out!

Congratulations on the pregnancy!
Wow what an update! lol Congrats and send some baby dust my way....I want another baby but hubby doesn't. A little wishful thinking never hurt.
aww glad to hear that dusty is doing good , about ryan , i have a two yr old n he is taking out all my grey hairs lol , i will send pink vibes ur way !!!!
Daisy - welcome back. I'm so happy that Dusty is doing fine after that awful attack. The horror that those dogs killed another dog is just awful. A very scary scenario for everyone and glad you finally got some action.

Congrats on your pregnancy and prayers for a happy, healthy baby (and pink would be good too). Happy belated birthday to Ryan. Just wait until he's a terrible two :w00t:(for my son it was 2-1/2). Those little tots know how to run you ragged but they're so darn cute.:wub:
Thank you everyone!!! is a chore to keep up after RYan....he seems to get into everything and finds it sooo funny that mommy is say nooooo.....oh and he loves to snack on DOG FOOD!!! Dusty loves Ryan!
Daisy -- you're BACK!!!! I've missed you soooooooooooooooooooo much. Can't believe how old Ryan is. (Where are the pictures?????) Glad Dusty is doing well.

And mega congratulations on your pregnancy. Is your sister pregnant again too??!!! I'm sending best wishes for another healthy baby (and I'm thinking pink this time too).
Congratulations and sending "pink" wishes to you :wub:
welcome back and congrats :chili:
congratulations - thinking pink!!!
:chili:Daisy:chili:I've missed you. Congrats on the new baby. I hope it's a girl. Now we need pictures of Ryan, it's hard to believe he's the big 1
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