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I decided to go whale watching the other day out on the Monterey Bay. I have been waiting for about 4 years for Blue Whales to show up in the bay and they are here and have come in very large numbers. We aren't sure how long they'll be here so I left work early on Tuesday and went out. It was an amazing experience!

I've seen whales before, but never a Blue! They are the largest creature EVER on earth (including dinosaurs) so I have been wanting to see them! We went out and saw around 12 Blues and while watching them on the left side of the boat I saw some Humpbacks breaching off in the distance on the right side. After following a few blues around we went looking for humpbacks and found a very friendly one. The friendly one was probably born this year but was investigating our boat - humpbacks often do this. We also saw two groups of Risso's Dolphins. On the way back in we got to watch the sunset on the water - it was fantastic! :cloud9:

I've now seen 5 species of whales, 5 species of dolphins and 2 species of porpoises. I want to go out again in a couple weeks in hopes to see some more. I am dying to see Pacific White Sided Dolphins (My favorite) and maybe some Northern Right Whale Dolphins. They have also been spotting Minke Whales out in the bay, so I'm hoping to get a good morning trip soon! :)

Here are a few pics I took and a couple vids! Hope you enjoy!

Risso's Dolphins
Marine mammal Marine biology Fin Cetacea Dolphin

Blue Whale (only about 1/3 of its body)
Marine mammal Sea Ocean Water Cetacea

Humpback Whale
Wind wave Marine mammal Whale Wave Sea

Humpback Fluke
Water Sea Marine mammal Fin Ocean

Sunset on the water
Sky Horizon Sea Ocean Water

More Pics

Video 1

Video 2
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Thank you so much for sharing!
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you were able to get out of work to experience this Mandy! I bet it was crazy to see them so close!
Mandy - you are sooooo lucky! :chili: Great pix and the video made me feel like I was almost on the boat. If only!:blush: I've always wanted to whale watch and one time for work in San Diego I got there and it was one of those, "You should have been here last week" moments. Just missed them as it was the end of whale watching season. :angry: Thanks so much for posting.
I was at Monterey Bay once in my life about six years ago and it has to be one of the most beautiful place on earth! Thanks for the photos and videos! Linda
omg what a terrific experience .. i love whales and dolphins , these were awesome , thanks so much for sharing !!!!!
Awesome Mandy! Thanks so much for sharing. The last time I went whale-watching, I was a senior in high school. We went off the coast of the Channel Islands in southern California. Very cool pics you got. I hope you get to see the others you wanted to see next time.
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you were able to get out of work to experience this Mandy! I bet it was crazy to see them so close!
It was awesome to have a humpback come right up to us and have the blues so close too! My first time seeing whales up close was on my research boats for school in 2006. We were off the coast of Mississippi in the gulf, about 150 miles out.

We went out at night so when we woke up we were about 100 miles out. After maybe an hour we spotted the blows and found a sperm whale. I'm at the bow in the black tank. The picture was taken from the lookout on the boat.
Marine mammal Ocean Cetacea Sea Vacation

This is about 5:30 the next morning. My friend (in the pic) woke me up and I threw on my shoes, glasses and ran to the bow. It was the best alarm clock ever! These are Pantropical Spotted Dolphins. They played in the waves from the boat for about 20 minutes before they took off. It was a very large group of probably 100 or so.
Water Blue Vehicle Boat Sea

This is that same day. This is a Beaked Whale and is incredibly rare, especially way out in the Gulf. This was the coolest thing I have ever seen, since most people (researchers included) have never seen one.
Marine mammal Cetacea Marine biology Dolphin Ocean

Marine mammals are just amazing and everyone should see one in the wild. It truly is an incredible experience.
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Now I know why you haven't returned to your roots in the East Coast. It's so beautiful out there!
WOW what an incredible, amazing experience!!!
Wow nice pics; thanks for sharing. I've always had a soft spot for whales. I would love to Whale Watch. :thumbsup:
Oh wow! I am soooo envious! Whale watching is something I have always wanted to do. What a great day.

What great pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I love whale watching too and especially loved the trip to Alaska where we did a lot of whale watching. I've never seen a blue either and would love it. I don't blame you for taking time off to go and see them. They're soooooooooooo beautiful and sooooooooooo fasinating, imho.
those are great pics!! i know you 'have to be there' to truly appreciate how large they are but thanks for the awesome pics!
Wonderful pictures, so glad you enjoyed yourself. I agree
there is nothing better then seeing an animal in the wild.
Several years ago me and DH went on a sea kayacking
adventure up in Bristish Columbia let me tell you it
as spectacular.
Mandy you are so blessed to have experienced that. Your pictures are wonderful. I saw a Whale while I was on a crusie ship years ago, but never that close. Wow I would love to experience a vacation like that
beautiful creatures, and sounds like a perfect way to spend a summer evening out at sea, thanks for sharing!
Wow those are awesome pics! I loved seeing the dolphins when we would visit my sister in Florida I could watch them all day.
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