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What a surprise!

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I went out with Bogie last night for his final potty of the day and found a box from Michelle Robison on my porch!!!! It had the most beautiful thimble in it and I just can't begin to tell you how pretty it is in person.

Michelle, your skill and artistry is amazing and I'm honored to have received this from you. It fits perfectly. I'll think of you and the SM forum every time I wear it and look at the kissing malts on the back!

Here is a picture from one of Michelle's earlier posts.

P.S. I'm having major connectivity issues and will try and post pictures from Nationals when I get it resolved.
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awwh pretty and so thoughtful from Michelle ^_^

How beautful!! Michelle is so nice for sending that to you! :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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