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Originally posted by MomtwoMaltmuffins@Nov 4 2004, 09:26 PM
I have heard vets will even do spay as young as 12 weeks.  I thought of getting Casper neutered then, but if he had to have any baby teeth pulled that would have meant another visit for him to the vet to be put under again and I didnt want him to have to go through that again.  So we waited he was 5 1/2 months when he got his boyhood taken away from him LOL and a cuple of baby teeth did have to be pulled.  As soon as he started doing the humpa humpa with Digby and showing signs of his little pecker LOL I did not want to wait any longer, and now he does not do the humpa humpa at all nor do I see his little pecker either 

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Gosh, Catcher is one week shy of seven months old and has never done any of the "manly" things. He was neutered about 3 weeks ago and even before neutering, never humped anything, etc. He still acts like a total baby....
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