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What do you think of this RAW pet food?

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I think I'm learning more and more about raw pet food and I like what what I hear. My holistic pet food store carries this Healthy Paws Incorporated - Fresh to Frozen pet food supplier and the ingredients look fantastic. What do you all think?
Right now I am rotating Merrick canned, Acana Prairie, and dehydrated kibble
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If it were me, I would want to know where the proteins came from. I would probably contact the company and ask
Read the ingredients very well. Stay away from chemical preservatives, meat by-products (they can be ANYTHING). The ingredients look pretty good from what I saw but I certainly and not a nutrition expert. I can say this, however. I would not hesitate to feed Yukki this product. I currently feed him Taste of the Wild kibble once or twice a week and I also feed BARF, which is a frozen raw meal. I am glad to see more of us showing concern over our babies nutritional needs. Looks like you are on the right track. Good work!!!
I have heard from numerous people that BARF (what a horrible acronym) is wonderful.
One more thing. If you have a "health" food store for pets in your area, call them or visit their store. If the owners are truly devoted to the health of our dogs and cats, they will be very knowledgably about the quality of the foods they sell. There are many wonderful natural foods out there that are good for our babies. One thing with the particular food you are feeding now is that personally I would rotate to make sure that he gets a variety of good ingredients, vitamins and minerals. I also give Yukki raw carrots as a treat. Good luck!
I am lucky to have a holistic natural pet food store that is in walking distance. Every thing is top quality. I was told the entire staff feed their dogs "Fromm". One girl told me it is their best seller and the dogs love it. They gave me a sample of whitefish and potatoe and my malt sniffed and walked away. I gave her a kibble by hand and she spit it out.
They also highly reccommend the raw but it is very expensive.
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