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Originally posted by JMM@Mar 12 2005, 09:28 AM
Is it Plush Puppy that is made over there? I believe that's the name and I've heard some people like their products, especially the swishy coat (I'm sure I got the name wrong on that one).

I use human Pantene often on my dogs. Did you get your Maltese from a breeder? You should ask the breeder what they use. Each coat is different and what works well on one Maltese won't necessarily work well on another. Your breeder is a great resource for finding products that would work on your dog's coat.

Mikey just got bathed first shampoo in Tresame, second in Pantene, Pantene conditioner, and Abs Nat for his face wash. I spritz a little Thermasilk leave in before drying. He's all fresh. I had to trim some coat off of him, was dragging the ground.
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I use pantene as well,I just thought i should use a pet shampoo,i keep elmo's coat short but i like it clean and healthy. :D
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