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What is that brownish color around the eyes?

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Hello everyone - this is my first posting! I have been reading and learning a ton on this forum as my husband and I are READY for a little maltese pup.

Today I have visited a breeder here in Florida, and saw a little 4lbs little girl - she was 7 months old, and the breeder decided she was not able to show her...thus she was willing to place her to a pet home.
Well - what I am concerned about was this brownish color around the puppie's eyes and mouth. The breeder said it was due to teething, and that when shampooed/ would turn pure white. Is this the TRUTH? I really would like to buy a pure white doggie...and since I am still learning...this was a bit confusing to me.
Can anyone answer this question for me?
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Tear staining is very very common in the Maltese breed. All my Maltese tear stain to different degrees. I work hard to keep their faces white. I know there are some Maltese that don't stain but I have never met one in my life yet and I have seen a lot of Maltese. A large majority of the maltese you see in the ring ... takes a lot of work to keep their hair so white.
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