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What is that brownish color around the eyes?

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Hello everyone - this is my first posting! I have been reading and learning a ton on this forum as my husband and I are READY for a little maltese pup.

Today I have visited a breeder here in Florida, and saw a little 4lbs little girl - she was 7 months old, and the breeder decided she was not able to show her...thus she was willing to place her to a pet home.
Well - what I am concerned about was this brownish color around the puppie's eyes and mouth. The breeder said it was due to teething, and that when shampooed/ would turn pure white. Is this the TRUTH? I really would like to buy a pure white doggie...and since I am still learning...this was a bit confusing to me.
Can anyone answer this question for me?
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First, welcome to the site...we have been dealing with tear staining a lot lately. Personally, I was my pup's face every day with a baby wash cloth and warm water. I then use Fresh Eyes eye wash to rinse her eyes and finish up with a spritz of Infusium 23 on a cotton ball wiped around her muzzle. This routine has really cut back on the amount of staining she shows. I think the key is to keep the area clean, and to keep the little hairs from the eyes. We also use filtered water. But if you look carefully, even at the show dogs, you will see tear staining. Creative combing/grooming can disguise a number of imperfections. One good question to ask the breeder would be about retained baby teeth. Often times these teeth that haven't fallen out (possibly creating 2 rows of teeth) are the cause of excessive tearing and staining. Another might be an ear infection. I would definitely ask about these concerns. Keep us posted on what you decide.
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