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What is that brownish color around the eyes?

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Hello everyone - this is my first posting! I have been reading and learning a ton on this forum as my husband and I are READY for a little maltese pup.

Today I have visited a breeder here in Florida, and saw a little 4lbs little girl - she was 7 months old, and the breeder decided she was not able to show her...thus she was willing to place her to a pet home.
Well - what I am concerned about was this brownish color around the puppie's eyes and mouth. The breeder said it was due to teething, and that when shampooed/ would turn pure white. Is this the TRUTH? I really would like to buy a pure white doggie...and since I am still learning...this was a bit confusing to me.
Can anyone answer this question for me?
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Hi, "tear stains" are a common topic among Malt owner.... we're always looking for ways to keep our babies white! There are a ton of posts on SM about them. Go to the Search section which can be seen at the topnav, under the banner ads. Key "tear stains" in to the search box and you will see lots of info!! I certainly wouldn't let some tear stains stop me from getting a puppy, if everything else was A-OK. Good luck and keep us posted!
Originally posted by okw@Oct 11 2005, 10:33 PM
K/C's mom, I am sure you meant to say "wouldn't", right?

I am not an expert at all on puppies.  I don't think Miko had tearstaining or other staining when we got him at 12 weeks but since we got him from a much less than desirable breeder, I wouldn't go that route again.  I don't think he had much staining at 6-7 months either, but I honestly can't remember.  I think you can bleach the hair when the puppy is done teething and have a purely white dog.  More importantly, does the breeder give a health gurantee?  Does the breeder do testing on adults/puppies for liver disease and possibly joints (knees)?
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Ooops... typo... yep... I meant "wouldn't"... I fixed it.. thanks for the heads up!!!
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