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Hello and welcome to the forum. Yes, the brownish stains around the eyes are tearstains, and the mouth stain is caused from an enzyme in the salva. The puppies get their adult teeth from about 3--4 months onward to 6--7 months. So the staining you are seeing is most likely from the teething. However, some doggie's constantly stain throughout their years. Maltese owners are always looking for new and better ways of combating the tear staining issue. If in fact this baby is not genetically proned to constant staing the tear staining that you are currently seeing will grow out. If you feel that this person is a good breeder and not just a back yard breeder looking to sell a puppy then I would not let the staining keep me from obtaining this little girl. Did the breeder have the POP (parents on premises)? Did she have other dogs from the parents of this little girl? Were her dogs well taken care of? Did she offer references? Did she offer a health certificate? Vet Information?
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