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What is that brownish color around the eyes?

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Hello everyone - this is my first posting! I have been reading and learning a ton on this forum as my husband and I are READY for a little maltese pup.

Today I have visited a breeder here in Florida, and saw a little 4lbs little girl - she was 7 months old, and the breeder decided she was not able to show her...thus she was willing to place her to a pet home.
Well - what I am concerned about was this brownish color around the puppie's eyes and mouth. The breeder said it was due to teething, and that when shampooed/ would turn pure white. Is this the TRUTH? I really would like to buy a pure white doggie...and since I am still learning...this was a bit confusing to me.
Can anyone answer this question for me?
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Originally posted by AJ@Oct 11 2005, 09:55 PM
Well, the brown is probably staining around her mouth, and tear stains around her eyes/face.  It is usually not the truth, tear stans do not come out easily, in most cases, especially not in one bath.  You have to use special products to get the tear stains out, and this can sometimes be a pain.  If you work on them, the tear stains may come out, based on the case.  Tear stains are very common in malts, most do have them.  Teething is a cause, there are many causes though.  Good luck!

Anyways, welcome!

P.S. Is it a dark brown color, or just light, off white?
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Thanks so much for responding so fast! The stains were not just off white - ther were a few shades, the darkest being around the eyes, which was dark brownish. Then also around the mouth, which was lighter brown - but not just off white.
How long is the process of getting these stains out I wonder?
Originally posted by 12 2005, 11:21 AM
How old is the puppy. The stains around the mouth can also be caused by not having or eating enough food.
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The puppy is 7 months old.
Originally posted by LadysMom@Oct 12 2005, 09:30 AM
Here's a good article from Bhe Jei Maltese about tear staining:

I'm not so sure there is such a thing as a the pure white doggie you describe! The degree of staining depends a lot on genetics (another reason to get your puppy from a good breeder), but even with great genes, preventing (or at least keeping it under control) tear staining requires daily work.

The staining around the mouth can even be from minerals in the water. I have a wonderful ceramic "water hole" bowl that keeps the beard dry that I use in the winter when I let Lady's coat get a bit longer.

As you get to know those of here at SM, you will see pictures of our Maltese and realize that most of them don't have perfectly white faces. You will also read many, many posts about tips for staining, daily care, etc. It is just part of having a Maltese!
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Thank you so much for recommending the article. I have learned so much from it, and it now makes much more sense why I see maltese with little brownish color around their mouths or eyes.
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