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What little treats have you bought your dog lately

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Well, my doggie is 'spoiled slap rotten' (as we say in the South). I have bought her 3 new toys this week, dog biscuits,flavored twist sticks and I just found out that my Dad is already buying her Christmas presents. hehe (This will be her first Christmas). :lol:
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Originally posted by Nichole@Jul 27 2004, 11:09 AM
Wally will get so excited, that he will automatically start doing his tricks without being told. He usually just drops to the ground and starts rolling over. LOL :lol:
:lol: That cracks me up!!!!
i was just saying how my Maxi is becoming so spolied
if you ever came to my house and saw his toy box you would commit me!
Last night i was playing with him ( i actually was on the phone) and he was being a good boy and laying down chewing one of many bones he has and i took his tennis ball he wasnt even playing with it
He hops right up and takes it from me than i took another one of his toys and he just kept taking it away ...I guess i have to teach him how to share
he is like me lol
Casper just got these new bones that he loves!
where do you find those crazy for canine take out treat things?
my baby loves the greenies bone thingies u can buy at any petstore, the ones that are shaped in toothbrushes, i recently bought a bag and she goes crazy over it

but becareful their poop turns out green as well..dont give too much..

also, Jong has been crazy over "squeeking" latex toys so i got about 12 squeeky toys for her for the last 2 weeks..i spend too much money on her and im eating less since im a starving student..hehe but i enjoy buying her new stuff !
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if you have a Big Lots, they sometimes have those canine carry outs for 1.99 per bag. the dogs love it!!
Maxi doesnt like the carryouts
Maxi love the beggin strips
and he loves the litle milkbone dog biscuits in the red box
Originally posted by Nichole@Jul 27 2004, 12:09 PM
Wally will get so excited, that he will automatically start doing his tricks without being told. He usually just drops to the ground and starts rolling over. LOL :lol:
Sounds like Meesta! Exactly like him! :D :lol:
A friend of mine bought Palbert a little treat: Yip Yaps! They're bone shaped doggie breath fresheners. Palbert seems to like them a lot. I also brought him a Nyla "Healthy Edibles" bone which he loves.
Brinkley likes lots of things, but if I really want to give him a treat, he likes the bacon flavored nylabone things. I found them cheap...a bigger size...on petsmart. That thing will keep him busy for a LONG time.
I don't have my pup yet; 3 more wks to go! :D But when I was @ Disneyland several wks ago, I bought doggie toys (Mickey shorts & glove in a pack); they're squeaky. It was so cute & only $5. or 6. bucks so I couldn't resist!!
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Maybe try but i'm not sure if its there... I've seen the other same things @ Target, bowls, leashes but not the toys yet. Hope you find them! Or its a great reason to plan a trip to Disneyland! I would use that reason! lol :lol:
casey bought that disney pack for sprites birthday. i asked him where he got it, he said target. maybe if you cant find it on, try or ebay.
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so would chicago have it? i really really like the mall in san francisco. it was soo awesome. it was like 5 or 6 floors. it was soo neat. do you have something like that in chicago? they had everything.
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