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What other kinds of forums do you frequent?

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What sites and forums someone checks on often is pretty telling of what interests they have and who they are. I thought this might be a fun way to find out more about each other. No sites specifically please, as I don't want to break any rules. But just generally, besides Maltese forum (obviously) what other kinds of forums do you participate in? Whether you're really active or long time lurker?

I frequent a nursing forum, purse forum, makeup forum, and an Asian-American forum. I would love to hear where everyone spends their online time besides here in wonderful SM-land! :wub:
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None really, just here :) Once in awhle FB, but I really consider this home.
With limited free time, I'm usually just here....and on FB. There are other maltese forums and I've joined, but this is home. :thumbsup:
My interests are really in both FB and here ....I have to say as of lately i like coming back here...This is where i learned what I'm most interested in the Maltese breed...and where i leaned how to use a computer in the first place... :chili:
hmmm - I'm a member of like a million forums.

I am a regular poster on here, an Irish dog forum (and FB obviously)

I am a lurker(but posted a few times) on a few others - like a dog activity forum (like dry land mushing, scootering etc)
I frequent a couple of forums that discuss diet/nutrition, cooking traditional foods/holistic healing.
:blush:Here on SM and FB-I love to shop online but that's about it.
What is FB?
FB = Facebook.

I frequent quite a few forums. I belong to 2 diet and nutrition forums, 2 snake forums (I have pet snakes), and a financial forum that discusses credit recovery since I filed bankruptcy a few years ago. I'm kind of a forum junkie. I used to belong to more, but there's just not enough time to go to them all. And of course I'm also on Facebook as well, but I don't really consider it a forum really.
this is the first and only forum i ever joined!!:wub:
i am also on FB, and go to ebay some, that's it for me.
:wub: Well this is the only forum I am on.. and have been enjoying all the pictures, fun and good information from all the people who LOVE their dogs. My computer is in my basement where the master bedroom, laundry room and grooming area are. So I do turn on teaching websites and listen to good broadcasts while I groom, clean etc. And sometimes I listen to those websites WHILE I am fooling around on SM... a woman's brain is like a SWISS army knife and can multi task... and man's brain is like a meat cleaver.. 1 task at time.. that is up for discussion but there is scientific proof of it also.. ( I hope:w00t:) Actually I have seen articles about this subject of man's brain vs. woman's brain.
FB and a couple of photography forums, and a golf forum :) and because of that, way too much time on the computer instead of being out doing all those things.... silly me.
A vet-tech friend actually told me about this site and another Maltese site - other than that, I use Facebook to stay in touch with family and friends.

I do love to sew, and I'm thinking that there must be a site for people who sew, I'll have to check on that. My new found love - - - dresses for Maltese's! Shocking!
Just here and a quick check on FB when I have time.
I log onto FaceBook ,hard to keep up sometimes.I'm on 4 jewellery and metal working forums and a couple fantasy art forums and SM.
Just here - first and only -- a little FB for family and work acquaintances and very little Twitter. If you know me you'd know I could never keep to the limit of 140 characters that they allow:blush:
Spoiled Maltese and another Maltese forum, a City-data forum and a spychic forum. Facebook. A puppy and dog forum but go seldom there.
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